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How does the Twin Block appliance work?

As part of your treatment plan our Specialist Orthodontists may suggest that you wear a Twin Block appliance. This is a functional brace designed to improve the way your teeth bite together. We often use this type of brace when a patient’s bottom teeth are a little set back compared to their top teeth.

The appliance comprises of a top half and a bottom half which you wear at the same time. Each half of the appliance has little ramps which interlock to help guide your bite into a certain position and improve the growth of the bottom jaw.

Generally, the brace is worn full-time and the numbers of hours per day that you are expected to wear the brace will be explained to you. The first week can often be tricky but persevere as it will get easier and become part of your routine. Usually you will wear the Twin Block appliance for around 9 months before progressing to fixed braces with your new bite.

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