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What is a Carriere Appliance and how will it help my bite?

The Carriere® Motion Appliance is a correctional device used by our specialist Orthodontists to help move your upper molar teeth backwards. This opens up space towards the front of your mouth to assist with the correction of crowding of the incisors and canines. The appliance also helps your lower jaw improve its position with the upper jaw. This helps to reduce an overjet and overbite at the same time.

This discreet appliance is attached to the upper molar and canine teeth whilst a clear retainer is worn on the bottom teeth. By wearing small elastic bands running from the upper to the lower teeth, pressure is applied to the teeth to guide them into a new position ready for more complex orthodontic treatment at a later date.

The elastic bands are worn day and night (but removed for eating, drinking and sports.) Your Orthodontist will explain the type of results you should expect from this type of treatment.

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