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Helping younger patients achieve a straight and healthy smile

It’s no secret that straighter teeth are healthier teeth, as once they are in the proper alignment it is much easier to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth and gums clean. We see many young people for their orthodontic treatment, and they are increasingly looking for a more cosmetic alternative to straightening treatment. We can help with Invisalign Teen and Invisalign First.

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Invisalign Teen

We know teenagers can be image-conscious, especially in this age of social media. It makes traditional methods of teeth straightening less desirable, with many young people searching for a more cosmetic solution. That’s where Invisalign Teen comes in.

With Invisalign Teen, you receive all the benefits of innovative and precise Invisalign treatment. The custom made clear aligners are virtually invisible when worn and fit seamlessly with your teen’s lifestyle. For the best results, the comfortable aligners need to be worn for 22 hours per day, but can be removed for eating, cleaning and to allow for sport, music and other hobbies to continue uninterrupted.

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Invisalign First

Now younger children can benefit from Invisalign’s advanced straightening system. Designed for children aged 6-10, Invisalign First uses the trademark clear aligners to treat a wide range of issues in developing teeth, including crowding and spacing. It can also be used to develop your child’s jaw and make room for incoming permanent teeth.

Invisalign First is a very successful way to help your child achieve a healthy, straight smile, and stop any orthodontic problems from getting worse. The clear aligners are comfortable, easy to wear and able to be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning, promoting great oral hygiene at an early age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child or teen needs orthodontic treatment?

In some cases, you may be able to see that your child has developed an orthodontic issue, or that their teeth aren’t growing in the ideal positions. Your child’s dentist will be monitoring their teeth at regular check up appointments, putting them in an ideal place to see if orthodontic treatment is needed and refer the child at the appropriate time. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teeth, please ask your dentist and they will be happy to help.

Does Invisalign treatment hurt?

Invisalign is designed with comfort in mind, and the custom made clear aligners have a precise and accurate fit that will not hurt and make it easy to wear them for 22 hours per day. As with most orthodontic treatments, Invisalign can cause some mild discomfort as your teeth move. The system uses constant gentle force, and it can take a few days to get used to this feeling of pressure on your teeth, especially when you move to a new aligner. This will soon fade, however, and can be taken as a good sign the treatment is working.

How can I help my child’s Invisalign treatment journey?

As a parent, the most effective thing you can do to ensure a successful treatment outcome is to encourage your child or teenager to wear their aligners. Whenever the aligners are out of their mouth, the treatment cannot progress properly, so the wear time is very important. We can add a blue dot wear indicator to Invisalign Teen aligners, helping you and your teen track the wear time and achieve the ultimate results.

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