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Discreet and reliable fixed teeth straightening

Fixed braces are a highly efficient treatment option to straighten teeth and address a range of orthodontic issues. If you are concerned about your braces being visible then our tooth coloured fixed braces offer a precise yet discreet way to realign your teeth.

This subtle alternative is available to our private patients only

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How do tooth coloured fixed braces work?

The discreet fixed braces work just like conventional metal fixed braces do, but in a much less obvious way, thanks to their tiny ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

We use 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced ceramic brackets which provide brilliant aesthetics and enhanced comfort. These brackets are designed with rounded corners to reduce irritation and rubbing. The translucent material blends with the colour of your teeth and is easily applied and removed by your orthodontist.

Key benefits of tooth-coloured fixed braces

  • Discreet & hardly noticeable
  • Far less visible than conventional metal braces
  • Small & comfortable brackets
  • Sophisticated design to allow precise & fast tooth movement
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What does orthodontic treatment with fixed braces involve?

During your initial orthodontic consultation, we will examine your teeth, take a 3D scan and orthodontic x-rays. This enables your orthodontist to establish the best treatment option for your needs and to precisely plan your treatment.

When you are ready to start treatment, we fix the tooth coloured brackets securely to your teeth and attach the archwire. This is shaped so your teeth will be gradually nudged into line. The archwire will be tooth coloured but in some cases we may need to use silver coloured wire, if required to reach certain tooth movements.

We explain how you should care for your brace and give you some tips and advice. We also ask you to watch a short video, which covers all aspects of brace care and maintenance.

The length of your treatment will depend on the complexity of your case and the movements of your teeth needed to create your dream outcome. You will need to attend a number of appointments to allow us to make adjustments to your brace throughout the treatment process.

Keep your smile straight

It is very important that you wear a retainer following any kind of treatment with braces to keep your newly aligned teeth in place and maintain your perfect smile. Your orthodontist will explain about removable and fixed/bonded retainers, and which would be best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my fixed brace and teeth clean during treatment?

During fixed brace treatment you must pay close attention to your dental hygiene. In addition to regular brushing every morning and at bedtime we also advise brushing after every meal. This will prevent any food lingering around your braces which can lead to gum issues and enamel damage. You can use interdental brushes to clean any awkward areas. Disclosing tablets will reveal where you might need to carry out some extra cleaning.

Do I need to avoid certain foods while I have fixed braces?

There are some foods which you should avoid eating whilst having brace treatment. You could dislodge or damage your brace if you bite down on hard or chewy foods, so try to cut up harder items or avoid altogether. It’s also advisable to avoid sugary drinks & sticky sugary confectionery.

Can my tooth coloured fixed braces become stained or discoloured?

The ceramic brackets are resistant to staining, but the clear elastic that holds the archwire in place can stain, particularly if you enjoy a coffee, eat a lot of darker coloured food or are a smoker. If these do become discoloured, don’t worry too much as we can change them when we next adjust your braces.

Will other people be able to tell I have tooth coloured fixed braces?

Tooth coloured fixed braces are much less noticeable than metal ones, especially from a distance. However, even close up, the small translucent brackets and wire are incredibly discreet, giving you the benefits of fixed braces in a much more aesthetic way.

Are tooth coloured fixed braces better than metal?

Tooth coloured fixed braces work in the same way as metal ones, but with the added advantage of being very discreet and hardly noticeable in your mouth. They are able to move your teeth in a precise and accurate way, and the ceramic brackets are designed to be small and comfortable.

Will fixed braces damage my teeth?

Fixed braces will not damage the enamel of your teeth. They are carefully placed at the start of your treatment and removed at the end to ensure your teeth are unaffected. It is important that you keep up with a good oral hygiene routine at home, including using interdental brushes, to prevent tooth decay and discolouration.

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