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Hello, My name is Clair, and I decided aged 14 that I would like to be a “Dental Hygienist”. I don’t know why, I just remember that I knew before I picked my “options” for O’ Levels at secondary school, back then we hadn’t even heard of G.C.S.E’s!! I remember choosing the required, Biology being very important of course.

When I left school aged 16, I got a job as a trainee “Dental Nurse”. So was very happy to be on the first rung of the ladder for my career in dentistry. In 1987, I was accepted into UCH, London School of Dental Hygiene and qualified in March 1988. So I have just celebrated my 30th with the girls I trained with. There were only 6 of us in a year group. We have found it very easy to keep in touch, all these years and our families are all great friends. We have big get-togethers sometimes with 23 of us in total.

Knowledge is power

During a patients visit, I am proud to be able to make a difference to an individuals health in a positive way. By explaining the cause (plaque), processes (gum disease) and the consequences of poor oral hygiene (progression of gum disease to bone loss and potential tooth loss). This being my sector of dentistry, involves maintaining the health of the foundations (supporting structures) of teeth, but is not exclusive. So poor oral hygiene will also affect the process of tooth straightening here at Colchester Orthodontic Centre. Also would increase the risk of your own dentist finding tooth decay at a regular check-up appointment. So good oral hygiene will always be a win-win situation.

Alongside my physical scale and polish treatment for my patients at their appointment, it is my responsibility to pass on knowledge, techniques and recommend tools. Which individuals can then use to enable them to maintain good oral health on a daily basis at home which is essential in the long term. It is extremely satisfying to give individuals this ability just with education. It is a joy to see patients who come to realise that improvements in their oral health, as a direct result of their own input, is both achievable and worth the effort.

I hope you have found this article informative and look forward to assisting you in keeping those beautifully straightened teeth.

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