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We are now offering Dental Monitoring which is the latest orthodontic technology. Dental Monitoring transforms your smartphone into a remote scanning device which will enable us to track your treatment progress remotely, with fewer check-up appointments at the practice and easy to use app.

Dental Monitoring

Benefits of dental monitoring
  • Fewer appointments at the practice to fit into your schedule.
  • Potential to speed up treatment results.
  • Greater communication from our orthodontic team.
  • Allows you to keep up with your treatment from wherever you are.
Prior to your appointment

Dental Monitoring is currently only available to our private patients having Invisalign treatment.

Please download the Dental Monitoring app prior to your aligner fitting appointment. You will receive an activation email from us so please ensure your account is activated. At your appointment, once your aligner has been fitted, your clinician will provide you with your own scan box and cheek retractors and guide you through the easy process of taking photos of your teeth (DM scans). There will be three scans to complete in order to capture your treatment progress. The Dental Monitoring app will provide you with access to progress reports, allow you to receive our messages and instructions, for example when to change aligners, making sure treatment is truly customised.

We will ask you to take scans at regular intervals via your smartphone and send these to us via the app. The Dental Monitoring app is synced with software in our practice allowing us to compare the images you send with your treatment plan, to track your progress and ensure that your teeth are moving into their desired position. If your teeth are moving as they should then there’s no need to come into the practice for a check-up, but you still have peace of mind that treatment is being monitored.

For more information on Dental Monitoring please visit our website or contact our Treatment Coordinator.

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