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Why do I need a removable brace?

In some cases, it can be a little too early for you to have a fixed brace, but early treatment may be considered to help correct an unfavourable bite to prevent any damage occurring to the other teeth until you are ready for fixed braces. We may refer to this early treatment with a removable appliance as an interceptive phase of treatment.

How often do I have to wear my removable brace?

You will be instructed to wear your brace full time (day and night) unless instructed otherwise. Failing to wear the appliance full time will result in treatment time taking longer and unsuccessful movement of the teeth. The only time your brace is to be removed is to clean it when cleaning your teeth and when you are playing any contact sports at school that require a gumshield. We recommend that you eat with your appliance in.

Will my removable brace hurt?

When you first have your removable brace fitted it will take you a little while to get used to wearing it. Initially it can feel quite bulky especially as it will be covering the roof of your mouth. You may feel that you have a slight lisp, which is absolutely normal, but as your tongue and mouth soon get use to the brace the lisp will go. Your removable brace will not hurt however the teeth moving may feel a little tender for up to a week or two. Soft foods may be needed during this time, and you could take whatever you normally take for a headache to help with the tenderness. This discomfort will not last throughout your whole treatment, and you may only experience this when the brace has been adjusted at your appointments.

Is there anything I need to avoid with my brace?

During your removable brace treatment there are foods and drinks that you need to avoid. We recommend you do not eat hard chewy foods such as hard-boiled sweets, chewing gum, sticky toffees and crunchy foods as this can damage your brace. It is ok to have crunchy foods such as apples or carrots as long as these are cut into small bite-sized pieces. All fizzy drinks and cordials are very damaging to your teeth and should be avoided however the occasional fizzy drink is acceptable, however this is best to be consumed at mealtimes and your teeth should be cleaned straight afterwards.

What happens if my brace breaks?

A removable brace is quite robust, so it is unusual for it to break. It important that you look after your brace and store it within the retainer box when it is not being worn. If your brace does break, then please call the practice so we can offer some advice. Please note that charges will apply for a new brace therefore we really stress the importance of looking after your brace and keeping it in a safe place when it is not being worn.

How is my removable brace made?

Your removable brace is custom made to your teeth. To have your brace manufactured we take a scan of your teeth which is like a digital picture (if you ask your orthodontist/therapist you will be able to see this once it is done.) The scan is then sent electronically to a lab who will then make your brace, which is then sent back to us to fit at your next appointment.

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