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Colchester Orthodontic Centre and Retainers4Life bring you the ultimate convenience in making sure you keep your smile for life!

Colchester Orthodontic Centre is delighted to now be collaborating with Retainers4Life. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing you with the highest level of orthodontic care.

Following orthodontic treatment, retainer wear is essential to ensure your teeth don’t move back to where they were previously. Now patients of Colchester Orthodontic Centre can order replacement removable retainers online! No need to take time off work or school to travel to the practice for an appointment. Just order with a click and your new retainers will be delivered to your door (see details below for full information).

Experience lifetime confidence in your smile with the combined efforts of Colchester Orthodontic Centre and Retainers4Life!

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Who are Retainers4Life?

Retainers4Life aim to “provide patients with a quick, simple and affordable way of ordering new retainers direct to their home”.

The company delivers new retainers straight to your door, supporting orthodontist’s recommendations to replace retainers regularly to avoid bacterial build up.

Retainers4Life Life provide you with a new retainer exactly when you need it most, protecting your smile and your oral health for longer! It couldn’t be more convenient!

Order your retainers today!
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Further details

The option to order replacement retainers from Retainers4Life is only available to patients of Colchester Orthodontic Centre.

The service is available to patients who have completed 1 year’s supervision of retention at Colchester Orthodontic Centre.

You should only order retainers from Retainers4Life if you have been regularly wearing retainers and your teeth remain in the position they were when your braces were removed.

If you haven’t been wearing retainers regularly, you should firstly make an appointment to see your orthodontist for an assessment and a new scan of your teeth. If a new scan is needed there will be a charge of £50.

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